The United Mixed Martial Arts Organization Program Is Poised To Revolutionize The MMA Industry

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“Without the NCAA and high school football, the NFL wouldn’t exist”, was the quote from MMAConnects CEO, and UMMAO president Bryan Santee, in a proportionate comparison regarding an example of a traditional mainstream sport, to the recent overwhelming acceptance, and popularity of Mixed Martial Arts. Santee has developed a program that is set to revolutionize they way MMA is perceived in the sports world, as his mission statement is to bring awareness to the sport’s ever growing potential, and to implement focused strategies that will bring MMA to the forefront of scholastic sports programs, to prepare future athletes, and industry professionals for what lays ahead.

The United Mixed Martial Arts Organization is a program developed to partner with the NCAA and NFHS, to implement MMA Programs in high schools and colleges throughout the Nation, with a dedicated priority to keep the implemented programs at minimal, to no cost for participating schools. The programs are set in place to not only encourage better athletes and more knowledgeable fans, but to also create employment opportunities within the burgeoning industry, as the UMMAO is partnering with Fightjobs to assist in filling MMA industry related careers.

The program has also received interest from the UK, Australia, and Canada, for details pertaining to the unique, and creative strategies involved. For example, the academic program requires that program participants are to hold an academic (2.5 GPA), or higher, with a  disciplinary action standard of Zero Tolerance for participants that fail to fulfill the required obligations. Also, Millennium Martial Arts Supply will supply the gear needed for high school  programs, and the UMMAO will offer deeply discounted gear prices for the college programs. The UMMAO will also help cover the cost of gear for their collegiate Programs.

As a non-profit organization, the UMMAO will cover its operational costs from future scheduled events, that will see the school fully compensated, before UMMAO covers its own expenditures, and after all costs are covered, the UMMAO will also present the school with 50% of whatever profits are generated. UMMAO programs will also not be competing directly against other scholastic sports programs for funding, and are to fully function apart from the already established school sports programs. It’s a phenomenal way to groom future MMA industry professionals, early on, to insure the expected growth of MMA in the coming years.

Now that MMA has gone from what was once considered a side show attraction, to a legitimate sports entity, a program such as the UMMAO is set to change the overall perception of the sport in general. The UMMAO are currently working with Olympic officials to build MMA as the premiere Olympic sport, and the UMMAO’s programs will serve as a feeder program for TEAM USA MMA. The UMMAO is also becoming a government contractor/grantee to apply for, and receive state and federal grants for continued, and exponential growth for the organization.
The UMMAO Board of Directors includes; Former UFC champion and MMA icon Dan Severn, Adam Singer, Gianni Cerretani, Jared Williams, Tony Savo, Houston Murphy, and President, Bryan Santee, with Singer and Severn working on the program curriculum, syllabuses, rules & regulations (a modified version of the Unified MMA Rules), coaches’ curriculum courses and code of ethics, as well as participant handbook. Broadcasting partnerships for the UMMAO include MSXN and NeuLion Entertainment, and NeuLion Entertainment will handle the production, editing, and broadcasting of our UMMAO events.

Certification courses for coaches will begin, and the curriculum for UMMAO programs will be made available June 1, 2012. The inaugural MMA season will begin in the Spring of 2013, which will also host the 1st State and National Championships of MMA. Think of a fictional scenario, in which a 15 year old boy, or girl has the desire to pursue a career in MMA, and much like high school football or baseball, the UMMAO will have programs in place that will make the transition that much easier for program participants, because the resources will be made available to them, without having to explore avenues outside of their already existing academic environment.

But the UMMAO structuring body goes so much deeper than that, and as previously stated before, the program has the ability create employment opportunities within the MMA community. The UMMAO will also partner with Hire Heroes USA, to provide careers for our veterans as head coaches, assistant coaches, team leaders and guest instructors for our programs, so the concept of honor is very important to the UMMAO. Now that the UMMAO is fully established, and ready to be set in place, the only factor remaining is the support from the entire MMA and sports  communities. It it a marvelous concept, and one that should be supported by all.

To contact the UMMAO for more details please go to:
UMMAO on Facebook
UMMAO President Bryan Santee via twitter!/BryanSantee
UMMAO via Twitter @The_UMMAO
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